Our Mission

Serving the North Palm Beach, Lake Park, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Palm Beach County area for all your vaping needs!

We at Take A Break Vapes strive to provide amazing customer service, along with the latest e-cigarette products and best premium e-juice on the market. Whether you're in the beginning phases to use these products to quit smoking, or you’ve enjoyed vaping for a while, we will always do our best to help our customers find the products you, our customers, want to find in our store and online.

We celebrate originality, creativity, and innovations. We carry only authentic vaping merchandise and promote its use and distribution.

Founded in 2015 by Harrison Swope and Miles Corson, Take A Break Vapes was created with a passion and desire to help others who struggle with smoking cessation and have a passion for vaping. Both Harrison and Miles have used vaping as a way to quit using tobacco products and found that not only did they feel better physically, but that vaping could be a fun and interesting hobby. They came together and with the help of friends, family, and customers, created Take A Break Vapes as a way to promote the vaping industry and share their passion with others.