Salt Nicotine Posted on 1 Jan 17:59 , 0 comments

Why choose Salt Nicotine?

The vaping industry found a way to give us the perfect throat hits for people just getting off cigarettes. This type of nicotine is very helpful giving us that cigarette feel that people are looking for without taking away from flavor from the e-liquid. This nicotine derives from the tobacco leaf and other organic molecules making this type of nicotine different. If you like big clouds, you’re better off sticking with standard e-liquid. But for anybody just switching from smoking who finds ordinary e-liquid too harsh on the throat or unsatisfying, or any vaper looking for something to use quickly and discreetly, it’s definitely a game changer.


  • You will get more nicotine, more quickly.
  • You can use higher nicotine e-liquid. (You don't need to consume 15mL of e-liquid a day if you use 50mg/mL e-liquid opposed to 6mg/mL e-liquid)
  • Nicotine Salt e-liquid has a longer shelf life. (This type of nicotine doesn't break down as easily as other types, allowing it to be stored longer)
  • You don't need high powered devices. (Nicotine Salts is a more efficient method of getting your nicotine. So instead of using bulkier 150 Watt devices you can use smaller more discrete devices such as Aspire Breeze, Mi-Pod, iCare, Joytech Aio, Juul, Phix, and Suorin Air)